Flea Control

Flea ControlPeople that keep pets like cats and dogs will know all about these little annoying creatures called fleas. Fleas although small and insignificant can drive mad both animals and people alike. Fleas have the ability to inflict small, yet very unpleasant bites which can also lead to infections and pathogen transmissions. Usually pets that get taken out for a walk on a daily basis are the flea carriers, which usually get the fleas inside the property. Pet owners will know how resilient and resistant fleas are to different chemical treatments, this is why even the cleanest of pets still attract the fleas and bring them inside in their fur or hair. Flea infestation is one instance, where the need for professional exterminator is obvious. Fleas are very instrumental when it comes to hiding and even if they are forced off the animal host they still find a place to hide and wait until things have cooled off. Fleas are very fond of fluffy carpets or other soft furniture that can be used for hiding. Professional exterminators will know where to begin with fleas and apply treatments in the proper order. Exterminators will usually apply a growth inhibitor first in order to prevent the further multiplication of fleas throughout the property.

This chemical ensures that little fleas will never grow more or mature and reproduce. This is a chemical treatment after all, and it is advised for the property occupants to be elsewhere for a day or so while the inhibitor is doing its thing just to be on the safe side, especially if there are young children living there. After the inhibitor chemical has done its job, it’s time for the mechanical removal of fleas from the property. Thorough vacuuming, cleaning and washing of all items, clothing, furniture and pets is absolutely necessary, don’t forget bed linen and wardrobes, they also have to be cleaned, it is recommended to dispose of bed linen and replace with new sets. The removal of fleas should be done once a day for a period of at least two weeks with a new vacuum bag each day.

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