Rodent Control

Rodent ControlRodent control is one of the most important services we provide. Rodents in general are a nuisance and can carry many diseases and bacteria close to humans. There are homes that are prone to infestations by multiple rodent species, for such instances we recommend that one of our professional exterminator crews visit the property and determine the situation. Dangerous pathogens carried by moles, rats, and mice can be easily transferred to the food that’s stored and consumed by the property occupants, putting them directly in harm’s way, this is why our pest controllers take rodent infestations very seriously and do their utmost to rid the owners of such pests for good.

Rodents are also known for chewing and clawing their way through all sorts of materials and surfaces throughout the entire house, this may not seem like a big deal at the start, but if the problem is neglected and unattended for a long time, the result may be some serious structural damage to the property, inflicted by the small rodents. Keeping the property clean and sanitized is a must, in order to minimize the chance of rodent infestation, though hygiene alone will not be enough to prevent the rodents from coming inside. Looking after the exterior of the house is another important line of defense. As known rodents do feed of dead organic material, ranging from foliage, through insects to animal carcasses and droppings, this means that regular cleaning of the garden and the immediate house exterior will give you extra protection. Make sure you clean out ducts, drains, etc that may have collected some dead organic material. Another favourite point of entry for rodents are cracks and gaps on the exterior of the house, make sure that the reachable openings on the exterior have been checked and cleaned out properly of any debris or other organic material. Rodent proof your home by blocking such openings permanently. Rodents tend to congregate around rubbish bins, rodent proof your rubbish bins, don’t leave garbage in them for long periods as the smell will attract rodents from far and wide.

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